Can my item be exchanged?

We don’t permit exchanges.


I’ve had a change of mind. Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds unless the item you receive is damaged. As per the terms and conditions, we ask our customers to carefully consider their orders before checking out. Use of our website means consenting to this protocol. 


Is this website secure?

Kulture Klub utilises Stripe and Paypal encryption technology which are the industry standard payment processes. This prevents transfer of credit card information to an unknow party. We want our customers to feel confident in their purchase and know their private information will be kept confidential.


What currencies are prices listed in?

The Euro. We are an Irish brand based in Dublin, Ireland so we use our domestic currency. Customers shopping outside of the E.U. can still purchase on our site, but their bank dictates the exchange rate.


I completed an order but haven’t receive confirmation via email?

When we receive high volumes of orders at once we may experience a slight lag in order processing. If an hour has elapsed and you do not see confirmation in your inbox check your junk mail. If you think the wrong email address was submitted at checkout contact us via the form on our about page, stating your name and order number so we can send another confirmation email.


My card declined while placing an order?

Please consult the corresponding bank or try using another card. This resulted from the bank preventing payment which can’t be rectified on our side.


When will my order arrive?

This is dependent on the shipping address of your order and the additional 7 working days required to process it. Please refer to our SHIPPING section for more information.


An item I want is out of stock, will it be restocked?

Occasionally we restock some of our items. Check our shop often for updates.


When are drops released?

We’re living proof lightning strikes more than twice but there’s no telling when.


Do I have to pay customs duty?

This depends on your shipping address. If your ordering to the E.U., the common Irish VAT will already be included. However, if your ordering outside of the E.U., you are responsible for import duty and or VAT rate inherent to that country.


Can items be labelled as gifts?

We don’t facilitate gift labelling or wrapping.


How can Kulture Klub be contacted?

Please refer to the FAQs and T&C’s before contacting us at kultureklub247@gmail.com